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This is one of three handwritten family group sheets documenting Theodore Turley’s marriages and children with Frances Kimberley, Mary Clift, and Sarah Ellen Clift. (We are not aware of any family memorials documenting his marriages and children with Eliza Clift or Ruth Jane Giles.) The original document is currently located at the Church History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah (MS 7983).

This family memorial describes Theodore’s family with Sarah Ellen Clift. He notes both of their birth dates, birth places, and parents. He notes the names, birth dates and birth places of her two children from a previous relationship: “Congrave Clift Selwyn” and “George Augustus Clift Selwyn.” He gives a cryptic description of their marriage and sealing in Nauvoo. He then lists the four children they had together, along with birth and death information. Finally, Theodore notes Sarah’s 1847 death at Winter Quarters.

Comments on Theodore’s death information: At the bottom of the memorial page, someone added Theodore’s death: “Theodore Turley Died in Beaver City August 12 1871 come to his death by a cancer in the throat and Mouth.” The August 12th date on this memorial (and on the Frances Kimberley memorial) has traditionally been used by family members to document Theodore’s death. Unfortunately, historical documents have now come to light that throw that date into question.

There are also names of two individuals at the bottom of the page, but the ink and handwriting of those names don’t match whoever wrote Theodore’s death info. The two names appear to be George Wood and Nikles Wood. It’s unclear who exactly these individuals are. George Wood could be George Lymer Wood (1822-1908), a British convert baptized by Theodore Turley in 1840 and who eventually settled in Cedar City, Utah. We have yet to find any good candidates for “Nikles Wood.”

Transcription from Ann Lewis’ blog.

Family Memorial
Theodore Turley Born in Birmingham England Son
of Wi^m Turley & Elizbeth ^Yates Turley Born April 10th 1801
Sarah Ellen Clift Daughter of Robert & Elizbeth
Clift Born in ^Clifton Bristol England May the 3^rd 1817
Congrave Clift Selwyn Born April 24th 1839 in
England Cheltenham
George Augustus Clift Selwyn ^Born February 24^th 1841
in England in the Town Cheltenham Glostershire
Sarah Ellen C . . . . . .^d (ealed) with T. T (urley) for T(ime). . & E(ternity)y in year
April 26th 1844 & M__ – – – & Sea ^d allso Sealed in the House
of the Lord Janary19^th 1846
Princette Turley Born August 2^nd 1845 in Nauvoo Daughter of Theodore & Sarah
Ellin Turley Died and Council Bluff ^winters Quarters 10 Day of Septem[cut off] 1846
Joseph Smith Turley Born on the 5 of December 1846
Died at Council Bluffs winters Quarters March 5 1847
Hyrum Smith Born 5^th of December 1846
Died at Council Bluffs winters Quarters April 29 1847
Sarah Ellin Turley Died at Winter Quarters Near Council Bluffs
on the 4 day of may 1847
Theodore Turley Died in Beaver City August 12 1871
come to his death by a cancer in the throat and Mouth
George Wood Jun &
Nikles Wood