Theodore Turley’s five wives had twenty-four children, whether from previous relationships or with Theodore. Many of these children grew to have families of their own. The grandchildren (and step-grandchildren) of Theodore Turley and his wives are listed below.

Frances Kimberley

Frances Kimberley and Theodore had ten children together. Three of these children died before reaching adulthood: Theodore, Jr. (1822-1837), Obia (1834-1834), and Johnathan (1842-1846). The remaining seven children all married and had children of their own.

Children of Frances Amelia Turley (1825-1846) and Cyrus Daniels (1803-1846):

  1. Frances [F?] Daniels (1846-1846)1

Children of Mary Ann Turley (1827-1904) and John Cook (1825-1883):

  1. Henry Theodore Cook (1853-1941) m1. Sarah Ellen Wilkinson, m2. Mary Ollie Fuller, m3. Marion G. _____, m4. Jennie E. Johnson
  2. John Edward Cook (1855-1855)
  3. Mary Effie Cook (1855-1942) m. Zachary Hector
  4. Isabel Priscilla Cook (1860-1862)
  5. Sarah Ann Cook (1860-1933) m1. Charles John Harris, m2. John Davis Seward
  6. Caroline Owena Cook (1862-1845) m1. Bernado A. Smith, m2. George W. Silvey
  7. Marinda Maria Cook (1866-1946) m. Herbert Hall
  8. Charlotte Thankful Cook (1867-1867)
  9. Jonathan Cook (1868-1868)

Children of Priscilla Rebecca Turley (1829-1904) and Amasa Mason Lyman (1813-1877)

  1. Theodore Kimberley Lyman (1853-1925) m1. Mary Elizabeth Duggins, m2. Sarah Gould
  2. Ira Depo Lyman (1855-1917) m. Elizabeth Ann Rowley
  3. Isaac Newton Lyman (1857-1858)
  4. Albert Augustus Lyman (1859-1860)
  5. Stephen Alonzo Lyman (1865-1930) m. Ellen King
  6. Frances Priscilla Lyman (1868-1892) m. Robert Edward Barry

Children of Frederick Turley (1832-1875) and Amelia Louisa Counsell (1836-1913):

  1. Amelia Sophia Turley (1857-1945) m. Luther M. Carter
  2. Jonathan Frederick Turley (1859-1920) m. Melissa Ellen Wood
  3. Janetta Rosette Turley (1862-1925) m. Adolph D. Johndrew
  4. Priscilla Rosilla Turley (1862-1937) m. Stephen Douglas Maher
  5. Margaret Elizabeth Turley (1866-1868)

Children of Sarah Elizabeth Turley (1835-1914) and Stephen Franklin (1829-1898):

  1. Charlotte Elizabeth Franklin (1856-1922) m. John Norman Miller
  2. Frances Catherine Franklin (1859-1888) m. John Curtis Welch
  3. Mary Ann Franklin (1861-1921) m. Angus McKinley Brown
  4. Stephen Harmon Franklin (1863-1937) m. Margaret Elsie Jackson
  5. Thomas Theodore Franklin (1866-1916) m. Viola Alice DeLong
  6. William E. Franklin (1868-1869)
  7. George Omner Franklin (1873-1929) m. Effie Mae Cadd

Children of Isaac Turley (1837-1908) and his first wife, Sarah Greenwood (1844-1887):

  1. Isaac Marion Turley (1861-1876)
  2. Theodore Wilford Turley (1863-1930) m1. Mary Agnes Flake, m2. Sarah Ann Salina Smithson
  3. William Henry Turley (1865-1896) m. Mary Skousen
  4. Herman Turley (1868-1869)
  5. Alma Rubin Turley (1869-1938) m. Delilah Jane Willis
  6. Joseph Hartley Turley (1872-1941) m. Abbie Nina Cluff
  7. Frederick Turley (1874-1875)
  8. Hyrum Turley (1876-1946) m1. Pearl Sevy, m2. Lottie Babb Stockett
  9. George Albert Turley (1878-1908) m. Ida Belle Farnsworth
  10. Charles Dennis Turley (1881-1942) m1. Myrtle Hatch, m2. Roberta Flake Wood
  11. Sarah Ann Turley (1883-1883)
  12. John Andrew Turley (1885-1951) m. Electa Drucilla Westover

Children of Isaac Turley (1837-1908) and his second wife, Clara Ann Tolton (1852-1932):

  1. Edward Franklin Turley (1869-1940) m1. Ida Elizabeth Eyring, m2. Annie Sarah Martineau
  2. Esther Turley (1871-1963) m. David Alvin McClellan
  3. Frances Turley (1873-1953) m. Miles Archibald Romney
  4. Ernest Turley (1875-1957) m. Sarah Centenna Wilson
  5. Ida May Turley (1877-1877)
  6. Mary Ann Turley (1879-1880)
  7. Clara Ellen Turley (1881-1933) m. George Jasper Walser
  8. Moroni Turley (1883-1885)
  9. Rachel Turley (1885-1888)
  10. Isaac Turley, Jr. (1888-1977) m. Ida Mae Lake
  11. Walter Turley (1891-1891)
  12. Anna Priscilla Turley (1892-1935) m. Albert Van Wagoner

Children of Charlotte Turley (1840-1899) and Jacob Bushman (1830-1919):

  1. Priscilla Elizabeth Bushman (1858-1859)
  2. Charlotte Amanda Bushman (1860-1928) m. John Sabey
  3. Theodore Martin Bushman (1863-1937) m. Elizabeth Morilla Lambson
  4. Frances Ann Bushman (1866-1874)
  5. Sarah Erminnie Bushman (1869-1947) m. Henry Fowles
  6. Mary Emma Bushman (1871-1872)
  7. Grace Honor Bushman (1873-1912) m. Emanuel Richard Lundquist
  8. Jacob Isaac Bushman (1876-1939) m. Effie May Bills
  9. Ida Roxana Bushman (1879-1970) m. Archibald Robert Anderson
  10. Ella Isadora Bushman (1884-1956) m. Rufus Orrin Barker

Mary Clift

Mary Clift had four children, three of whom died as infants: Jason (1842-1843), Ephraim (1845-1845), and Theodoreus (1848-1848). Her daughter with Theodore Turley, Frances K., was the only one of Mary’s children to reach adulthood and have a family of her own.

Children of Frances Kimberley Turley (1850-1914) and her first husband, Benjamin Franklin Parsons (1827-1896):

  1. Isabelle Frances Parsons (1865-1926) m. John C. Button
  2. Benjamin Franklin Parsons, Jr. (1868-1947) m. Maria Susa Stewart
  3. Nettie Parsons (1871-1871)
  4. Theodore Augustus Parsons (1873-1943) m. Mary Ida Mack
  5. Maude M. Parsons (1875-1944) m. Frederick Arthur Button

Children of Frances Kimberley Turley (1850-1914) and her second husband, Thomas Wilson McIntosh (1832-1903):

  1. Sarah Estella McIntosh (1880-1968) m. Charles Gaylor Rouse
  2. Lee Jackson McIntosh (1882-1941) m. Catherine Gertrude Kennedy
  3. Clarence Colton McIntosh (1886-1946) m. Marietta Cora Lee
  4. Olive Viola McIntosh (1887-1978)

Eliza Clift

Eliza Clift had two daughters. One died young: Henrietta (1845-1846). Eliza’s other daughter, Emma Georgianna, grew to adulthood and had a family of her own.

Children of Emma Georgianna Fidler (1845?-1902) and Peter Napoleon Littig (1846-1926):

  1. Laura Ruberta Littig (1870-1926) m. Frederick F. Bartemeyer
  2. John Augustus Littig (1872-1936) m. Josephine Albertine Anderson
  3. Louis Arthur Littig (1874-1956) m1. Amy Grace Sternberg, m2. Lillian Campbell
  4. Eugene Napoleon Littig (1876-1881)
  5. Henry Clifton Littig (1886-1958) m1. Pearl Clifton, m2. Mary Jane Hitt
  6. Julia Henrietta Littig (1888-1971) m. John Edward Stroehle

Sarah Ellen Clift

Sarah Ellen Clift had two sons from a prior relationship. Her son that remained in England, Congreve Clift Selwyn (1839-1882) was married, but it does not appear he had any children. Her other son, George A., grew to adulthood and had a family of his own. All three of Sarah Ellen’s children with Theodore Turley died young: Princetta (1845-1846), Joseph Smith (1846-1847), and Hyrum Smith (1846-1847).

Children of George Augustus Clift Selwyn (1841-1894) and Lucy Anna Fischer (1847-1882):

  1. George McConnuhe Selwyn (1869-1937) m1. Ada Dean Uzell Spafford, m2. Lillian Ethel Billingsley
  2. Ella Selwyn (1871-1933) m. George Willis Gooch
  3. William Frederick Selwyn (1873-1932) m1. Aleda Charlotte Kiewiet, m2. Marguerite Marie Cogelow
  4. Lena Alice Selwyn (1876-1958) m. Arlyn Tarbel White
  5. Lulu Mabel Selwyn (1879-1926) m. William Everett Gephart

Ruth Jane Giles

Ruth Jane Giles had three sons, two with Theodore Turley. Her youngest son, Alvin Hope (1855-1872), died as a teenager. Ruth’s other two sons, Joseph Orson and Jacob Omner, grew to adulthood and had families of their own.

Children of Joseph Orson Turley (1845-1916) and Elizabeth Lightner (1849-1927):

  1. Elsie Elizabeth Turley (1866-1948) m. William Henry Barrett
  2. Mary Jane Turley (1869-1944) m. George Bond
  3. George Orson Turley (1872-1872)
  4. Ruthella Turley (1875-1934) m. Louis Otto Lieber
  5. Bertha Caroline Turley (1877-1936) m1. Thomas Abraham White, m2. Howard M. Scott
  6. Ernest Warren Turley (1880-1882)
  7. Lester Joseph Turley (1883-1956) m. Nelle Amanda Pendergast
  8. Louise Turley (1885-1964) m. Charles Reynolds Creal

Children of Jacob Omner Turley (1852-1924) and Louise Ann Woodhouse (1856-1939):

  1. Omner Jay Turley (1877-1942) m. Urna Bradford Hickox
  2. Louis Alvin Turley (1879-1953) m. Anna Gertrude King
  3. Walter Guy Turley (1881-1966) m. Elizabeth Harrison DuVal
  4. Joseph Ingersoll Turley (1887-1973) m. Adelheide Emilie D’Oench
  5. Theodore Hope Turley (1890-1915)
  6. Creswick Roy Turley (1896-1906)

  1. Middle initial inconsistent in family records.