This is one of three handwritten family group sheets documenting Theodore Turley’s marriages and children with Frances Kimberley, Mary Clift, and Sarah Ellen Clift. (We are not aware of any family memorials documenting his marriages and children with Eliza Clift or Ruth Jane Giles.) The original document is currently located at the Church History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah (MS 7983).

This family memorial describes Theodore’s large family with his first wife, Frances Kimberley. Theodore provides birth dates and places for both himself and his wife as well as their marriage date. The names of all 10 children are given, along with birth dates and places. Death dates and places are provided for three of the children (Frances Amelia Turley, Obia Turley, and Johnathan Turley). Curiously, a death date is not provided for his son, Theodore Turley, Jr. We know from his 1837 letter to Isaac Russell, though, that this son likely died during that year. Theodore also notes his father’s death date and location.

This memorial is more complex than the others. It appears in some spots that Theodore wrote over an initial pencil draft with ink. There are also items clearly added long after the main text was written.

Comments on Theodore’s death information: At the top of the memorial page, directly below Theodore’s own statement of birth and marriage, someone added Theodore’s death information: “Died in beaver city August 12) (1871) (1871) with a cancer.” We do not know who added that information. The August 12th date on this memorial (and on the Sarah Ellen Clift memorial) has traditionally been used by family members to document Theodore’s death. Unfortunately, historical documents have now come to light that throw that date into question.

Transcription from papers put together by David Roche Turley II for the 2016 Theodore Turley Family Organization Field Trip to Beaver and Minersville, Utah.

Famely Memorial                                      April 10th [illegible]

Theodore Turley Born Birmingham 1801 (0) Brentis [illegible] B

Married at Harbourn Church November 26 1821 to

Died in beaver city August 12) (1871) (1871) with a cancer

Franciess Kimberley same place Born June 22 1800

Wife of Theodore Turley          Died at Winters Quarters Near Council Bluffs

the 30th of August 1847

Theodore Turley Jun Born in Birmingham year 1823

Sept 4th Baptized & regestered at St Phillips Church


Franciess Amelia Turley Borne <in Birmingham> Janary 1st 1824 Regestred

at St Gorges Church Birminsey London) Died at Council

Bluffs or winters quarters November 1. 1846 and her babe

Marey Ann Turley Borne July 13th 1827 in Yorke

Upper Canady North americia Regersted at Methodist

Episcopal Church york U.C

Precillia Turley Borne Church Vill <Yorke U.C> Township of Toronto, June 1829

Fredrick Turley Born 1832 May 23rd in Church Vill U. C

Obia Turley Borne 1834 July 5th in Church Vill U.C

July 29th 1834 Bureed at Churchvil

Saria Elizabeth Turley Born September 24th 1835 in Church

Vill U.C                    Baptized in Nauvoo

Isac Turley Borne 22 November 1837 in Church Vill U. C

Church Vill U. Canadia

Charlottee Turley Daughter of Theodore & Frances Turley Born

in Nauvoo. Hancock Country Illonisa North americia

1840 April 15th [Written in ink over pencil text]

My Father William Turley Died April 7th 1841 in Birmingham

Warwickshire England

Johnathan Turley born September 13th 1842 Nauvoo

Died at Mount Pisgia on our journey to the rockey mountins

May 12th 1846 Garden Grove