Books and Internet Resources

Coming soon! Whether you want to learn more about Theodore himself or just want to get a better feel for what was happening in the world he lived in, these books and websites will help. We’ll also include resources specific to different branches of Theodore’s descendants.

Newsletter Archive

The Theodore Turley Family Organization has released over 100 newsletter issues since it’s inception in the mid-twentieth century. Although we recently stopped producing newsletters, these past editions are a treasure trove of family history information and are a fabulous resource in themselves. (We’ll continue to add issues over the next few days until the online archive is complete.)

Explore the Newsletter Archive…

Places to Visit

Coming soon! Wanting to visit the places Theodore lived, like Birmingham, Nauvoo, or San Bernardino? Take advantage of the work other family members have done before you. From trip reports published in over half a century of newsletters or research material gathered for official TTFO field trips to Beaver and San Bernardino, you may come across something useful. Check out what we have when you’re prepping for your next family history excursion.