Image from, originally contributed by Ann Lewis.

This is one of three handwritten family group sheets documenting Theodore Turley’s marriages and children with Frances Kimberley, Mary Clift, and Sarah Ellen Clift. (We are not aware of any family memorials documenting his marriages and children with Eliza Clift or Ruth Jane Giles.) 

This family memorial describes Theodore’s family with Mary Clift. He notes her father’s name, Robert Clift. He notes their sealing date in the Nauvoo temple (19 January 1846). He lists names and birth places of their four children. Also notes death dates for the first three children. Finally, Theodore notes Mary’s 1850 death in “the Valley of the Great Salt Lake.” (See this blog post by Ann Lewis for more info.)

Transcription by Mary Ann Clements

Mary Clift Daughter of Robert & [Blank] Clift Born
in G[Blank]

Mary Clift Sealed to Theodore Turley in the House of
the Lord in Nauvoo of the 19th day Jany 1846
Jason Turley Died 26th of October 1843 Born 1842 October 20th
Ephe[?]am Turley Born 11th February 1845 Died
July 25th 6 1845
Theodoreus Turley Borne the 28th Day of May 1848
Died December 31st 1848 Buryed in Winter Quarters near Councel
Bluffs M[?]soria river
Frances Kimberley Turley Daughter of Theodore & Mary Turley
Borne in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake on the 23 Day of
March 1850 22nd Day 9 oClock in the morning 1850

Mary Turley Wife of Theodore Turley Died
on the 30 of March 1850 in Child Bed Buried on the
31 of March in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake

Frances Kimberley Turley Born in the Valley of the Great
Salt Lake on the 22nd day March 1850