Theodore Turley’s letter to Isaac Russell is dated 9 November 1837, written from Theodore’s home in Churchville, Ontario. A photocopy of the original is located at the Church History Library, and the full page can be viewed at their website.

In this document, Theodore writes to his friend, Isaac Russell, the missionary introduced him to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (See “Joining the Latter-day Saints, 1837” in Theodore Turley: A Biography by Richard E. Turley.) At this time, Isaac Russell was in England, in the first ever group of missionaries sent there. Theodore reports on a recent trip to Kirtland, where he had the opportunity to visit with Russell’s family. Theodore also mentions missionary efforts and the death of his son, Theodore Turley, Jr. For more on this period of Theodore’s life, see “Church Life in Canada, 1837-1838” in Theodore Turley: A Biography by Richard E. Turley.

Citation: Russell, Isaac 1807-1844. Isaac Russell correspondence, (accessed: September 18, 2019)

Transcription by Mary Ann Clements

November 9th 1837

Dear Brother I take this oppertunity of writing
a few lines to you comunicating a few of the
feelings and deseres of my heart at this time
The letter Br Law received from you afforded us much
pleasure inasmuch as God his owning your joint
labours in the land of our nativity I feel Thankfull
to God that notwithstanding the Powerfull struggles you
still have to endure from the Devel the Lord enables
you to come off conqurer whe feel dayly an encree-
sing anciety to here all the particulars from you
as I have not roome to comunicate all I wish excuse
the Preasant scraps. when you left me to you said
I should have a purchuser on the last Day. I had.
have sold the Lord as short his delivering hand in my
Behalfe to a great extent in prepairing my way for
the ministry I have endeavoured to Labour in vin-
yard eversense your absence the Lord as Blesed me in
my own soul I have Baptized 9 and in that [number or neiborhood?]
[?] there are 12 members in that Branch doing well Br Law
& myself are Truly in the posesion of feelings & spirit of Bretheren
at a meeting of conferance in Scarborough I was ordained an Elder
I have Been to Kirtland saw your fameley Kissed Sammey
they was well niavour saw your wife look so well
I was highly Gratified with a sight of the reccord &
the Patrahark Mr Joseph was not at home Bein gon to
establish eleven more stakes of Zion. My son Theodore
has fallen assleep in Christ Dear Brother I have
been Tried[?] by the powers of Darkness on this
account as well as others but this as neavour moovd
me Oh my hearte rejoices in the Truths of the Gospel
as brought to Light in These Last days. Dear Brother
it appears by freequent Pro[?]eceys I have to Declare the
Gospel to my former Bretheren as well as in my Blessing
and the Spirits intimations constantly with me
concirning in the same I wish you to enquire of the
Lord weather it is his mind I should come and Travel with
you th[?] Br Law is set at Liberty. have you sent the Letter
to my Brother if you have an oppertunity of going to
them do as soon as possable. Father [Scot?] & famely Desire
to give their love to you Brother Law will give
the particulars of of the Church Mrs Turley with
myselfe send our affectionate Love to you hoping
hopin to be kept faithfull untill whe meet in the
Celestial Kingdom of Christ

I Remain Yours in Bond Theodore Turley