On December 18th, we received a question from Branden T. He asked, “Is there a copy or pictures of the Theodore Turley Family Crest/Coat of Arms?”

This is a question about which many Turley descendants (especially those carrying the Turley surname) frequently wonder. In the October 2012 Theodore Turley Family Newsletter, a similar question was poised by Lynelle K. “Is our Turley family associated with the English Turley coat of arms?”

Here is the response printed in that newsletter:

Rick Turley, Jr. fielded this question and referred to the Genealogy information at About.com to answer. Our Turley family is not associated with the English or the Irish Turley coats of arms that are often displayed on materials for sale to people interested in family history. Coat of arms are really granted to a person, and only that person’s male direct descendants have the right to claim that coat of arms as their own. Research into coat of arms assignments can be coordinated through the proper heraldic authority in the country of ancestry.

In the 2012 newsletter, a link to About.com was included. That link now redirects to https://www.thoughtco.com/family-coats-of-arms-1422009. The article is “Misconceptions About Family Coats of Arms” by Kimberly Powell, last updated March 5, 2018.

For your information, here are some coat of arms or family crest images commonly associated with the Turley surname. Again, according to our best information right now, none of these “belong” to the Theodore Turley family.

Figure 1. Coat of arms image submitted by Branden T. via email.

Figure 2. Irish coat of arms from the AllFamilyCrests.com website. (They give permission to post one image from their website.)

Figure 3. Irish coat of arms downloaded from HouseofNames.com. ($$)

Figure 4. English coat of arms downloaded from HouseofNames.com. ($$)

From the Inbox: Do We Have a Turley Coat of Arms?

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