Theodore Turley Family Organization
Minutes for meeting held October 12, 2009

Recorded by Adrienne Williams, TTFO Secretary

Those in attendance: Luana Rogers, David Turley, Richard Turley Sr., Kay Lovell, Ann Lewis, Carolyn Lunt, Arnold Wagner, Sharon and Howard Gray (and their grandsons Talmage and Simeon Gray), Russell Christensen, Janet Packham, Carolee Pyper, Richard Turley Jr., Mary Ann Clements, and Adrienne Williams. Ted Pyper from Boulder, Colorado via Skype.

The meeting, conducted by Luana Rogers, was opened with an invocation offered by Arnold Wagner, followed by introductions of those present. The minutes from the April 2019 meeting were read by Adrienne Williams. 

Carolee Pyper gave the treasurer’s report. This is an annual accounting: we’ve had donations of $330, contributions for the Tolton Headstone project of $585, so a net increase of $915. Current account balance is $3,237.13. (Amount reported in the April 2019 meeting minutes was inaccurate).

Mary Ann Clements shared an overview of her work on the TTFO email list, the website performance and website financials (document attached). Over 95% of the emails, from 4 campaigns sent out, were delivered, roughly 40% were opened, and about 5% clicked through to the website, except for the email sent July 24 for Pioneer day when over 11% clicked through. Traffic on the website sees a bump in activity when an email is sent out. Mary Ann is working to get the serialized version of Theodore Turley’s biography on the website, especially anything pre-2010 as those will not come up in a google search. Her other priority has been making the audio and transcript of the 2019 TTFO Temple and Family History Day presentation available on the website. The video version didn’t work so is looking for other options for next time. The website has been focusing on Theodore Turley and the first few generations after him but it was agreed that we would use the In Memoriam tab to link to obituaries of family members that have died. It was also suggested that we have a tab for each descendent through the great grandchildren where information can be shared. Ours is a time of gathering and we should have a place where what is found can be shared and preserved. She has been contacted by various cousins with photos, videos, and other items they have that are resources that would be of interest across multiple lines of the family. These items will be accessible through FamilySearch but also on the TTFO website under “Resources/Family Treasures”. 

A discussion was had regarding a possible discrepancy of the established date listed on the TTFO seal. The first family newsletter was dated 1958 but the Bylaws state that it was officially organized in 1959. Agreement to leave the date of 1958 since there is record of the organization being in existence then.

Research discoveries in the last few months:

  • Location of Theodore Turley’s properties in Salt Lake City and Washington (Utah) along Millcreek (in Washington) where he had a mill,
  • records of Frederick’s wife, Amelia, in the Relief Society minutes in Cedar City. This shows that whole company was there after they came back from California before they went to Beaver.
  • Theodore Turley’s death date: August 12 vs. August 18, 1871. Overview of the conflicting documents is shared on the blog dated September 18, 2019.
  • Baptism of Theodore Turley – who baptized Theodore? Baptized by Isaac Russell and likely ordained an elder under Parley P. Pratt but Pratt was in Kirtland on Theodore’s baptism date.

The website has links to original records in the Church History Catalog so that people can get familiar with this great resource. There was agreement that the website is the right direction to go for communicating information with the family.

Richard Turley, Jr and David R. Turley shared insights on preserving documents. Richard has donated his records to the Church History Library and meets monthly with Natalie Johnson, a library archivist, who oversees the Theodore Turley family records. The records have now been sorted and Ms. Johnson has agreed to allow 3 dedicated family members to go through and label the folders. Once this is completed the records can be digitized, put on the Church History Catalog, and will then be available to everyone. So he needs 3 dedicated family members who are willing to give 5 – 10 hours a week with at least a 1 year commitment, to come to the Church History Library and help with this process. If anyone is interested, please contact Richard via email…. David and Richard both recommend that if you have treasures that you hope to pass on to your children or plan to donate after you die that you get them digitized now. Then pass those copies on to Mary Ann for the website, upload to FamilySearch, and/or if you are unsure what to do with your treasures, contact Richard or David (David’s new job is at the Church History Library) and let them help you decide where to donate them. If you don’t you may find that your family isn’t as interested in them as you were and they get thrown away, the items will get divided amongst the children, or they will deteriorate. Please do something to preserve your treasures now while you still can. For more tips on preserving and labeling items, see the information provided by Richard at the 2019 TTFO Temple and Family History Day meeting on the website.

Ann Lewis unveiled the painting that is signed by Mary Turley that is believed to be of Theodore Turley. The lady that found it at the estate sale in North Carolina was willing to let Ann have it. Ann is still in the process of authenticating it. Ann and her husband are leaving to serve in the Ivory Coast West Mission and will be serving in Mali for 2 years.

Some of us are representatives of family lines where we know our immediate cousins, but the previous generation is all gone. How do we connect with other extended family to make them aware of the website?

Suggestions were:
● The Facebook Page
     o Move some to Instagram – this is where more of the kids are now
     o Short (3-minute max) video/slideshows on YouTube
● Cousins Camp with a family history activity
● When they call grandma for someone to Trek for, have them search the website instead
● Have a Youth section on the website with games or scavenger hunts
● More family visits like San Bernardino and Beaver. Make sure the post-trip information is available on the website so that other family members can take the same trip when they have time.
     o Make maps of the sites to see in a town.
     o Now and then pictures of sites (send good quality photos to Mary Ann if you have them. She only has what is available on the old newsletters) on the TTFO website
● Mary Ann also asked if you have old newsletters, that you compare what you have to the website and
if you have missing one(s) contact her to see if she needs them
● Suggestion of another family field trip to Snowflake/St. Joe or to the Mexican Colonies

Other items that were discussed:
● Change references to “dues” to “donation” in future email and website communications and put a donate button at the top of the website There is now a donate button at the top
● Add a Venmo button to the website. Venmo is currently in private beta on their nonprofit account program and are no longer accepting applications from nonprofits to facilitate the collection of donations.

The next TTFO meeting will be held on Saturday, March 28 at 10 am. The Theodore Turley Birthday Celebration will be held on Saturday, April 18 at either 10 am or 2 pm with suggested guest speaker Steve Rockwood, Pres. & CEO of FamilySearch. Both dates were adjusted from normal annual dates due to Easter coming the week after General Conference and a desire to switch the TTFO meeting to Saturday. With Pres. Nelson’s reference to a special general conference in April 2020 in recognition of the 200th anniversary of Joseph Smith’s 1st vision, Mary Ann shared that Theodore was 1 year from getting married. He was in Birmingham England either finishing his apprenticeship or having just completed it.

Benediction was offered by Adrienne Williams.

Minutes from the October 12th Semi-Annual TTFO Meeting

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