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2019 TTFO Temple and Family History Day Presentation

[0:00] Welcome by Luana Rogers, President of the Theodore Turley Family Organization

[0:51] Opening prayer by Arnold Wagner

[1:18] Opening remarks by Luana Rogers

[6:49] Presentation by David Roche Turley II. David presents a slide show revisiting last fall’s San Bernardino field trip and offers a brief summary of his remarks there. 

[33:30] David mentions Theodore’s 1855 letter to Hosea Stout testifying of his personal experiences with Joseph Smith. Learn more about the letter here. View the original image at the Church History Library website.

[34:57] Presentation by Richard Eyring Turley, Jr. Rick recognizes the contributions by both David Roche Turley II and Ann Laemmlen Lewis (Ann keeps both a personal and family history blog).

[41:30] At Luana’s request, Rick gives some of his own background, covering his long-time employment at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He’s headed up Church History, Family History, Public Affairs, and is now the Managing Director of the new Church Communication Department. Rick refers to himself as an “innovator by nature,” and reviews the many projects he’s led and/or been involved in during his tenure.

[51:14] Rick transitions to the substance of his talk, “And You Thought Family History Was Boring.” He urges us to use the resources of the Church History and Family History departments (especially FamilySearch) to help us “Collect, Preserve, and Share.”

[1:14:45] In discussing proper identification of subjects in photographs, David mentions the problem of an old picture in the Red Book incorrectly claiming to show Theodore Turley’s home in Nauvoo. Rick refers to an extensive newsletter article he wrote about the topic. You can view that article here.

[1:28:19] In discussing what to do with journals and other documents, Rick suggests that the Church History Library may have an interest in looking at those. (Note from the archivist: for Turley family members who want to contact the Church History Library for possible material donations, email the acquisitions missionaries at and mention that you are contacting them in response to Rick’s presentation.)

[1:31:00] Rick discusses his instrumental role in the new official Church History series, Saints: The Story of the Church of Jesus Christ in the Latter Days. He emphasizes the importance of (1) being open and honest with our family histories, and (2) using a narrative when we tell stories. Rick also gives a preview of upcoming volumes.

[1:41:35] The Theodore Turley Papers project is discussed. The first volume will focus on Theodore’s missionary journal, and they hope to have it out by the end of the year. 

[1:46:53] Rick discusses his continuing biography of Theodore Turley and promises to have further installments coming soon. 

[1:48:20] Question & Answer. Rick covers the problem with modern media and explains how to properly archive digital files. Ann Lewis talks about our upcoming “Virtual Reunion” for World Family History Day on May 15th.

[1:59:42] Closing prayer by Dan Rogers

Note: A full transcript will be posted on the TTFO website in the next couple weeks. For more coverage and photos of the event, see Ann Lewis’ April 15th blog post. (Update 5/1/19: the full transcript is now available.)

Audio Recording of 2019 TTFO Family History Day Presentation Now Available

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